Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Day

Yes today is my day and thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! and with tremendous gratitude and love for each and every one of you!

For Abang, 
No matter
 how many years go by, no matter how far you’re away from me. Nothing can change the bond between us, you’ll always be my best buddies. Good luck for your SPM dear. My Doa will always be with u and your siblings.

Dear kakak,
No matter where you go in life or who you grow up to be, I’ll always be right here, standing behind you… encouraging you to live your dreams. My lovely kakak, I love you.

My Abg Chik,
No one else will scold you like I do, but remember that no one else will love you like I do. All I want, is for you to be the best you can be. I love you, abg chik

My lil Princess
You may have grown up from being a cute little girl to a beautiful young woman, but you will forever be the loving daughter that you’ve always been.