Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Scream of a New TIME, GlenmarieOffice

TIME to Activate n The new TIME Brand

new brand to the world 
Wednesday, 1st December 2010.

"Our brand promise is about Pushing for Performance, hence we need to be conscious of delivering this promise consistently in order to ensure that our customer experience is phenomenal. In preparation, we have all identified and also put in place initiatives for change.

To help everyone understand our new brand a little better, a dedicated website has been set-up to address some of the basic questions with regards to the new brand, so that we will all be able to articulate it to our business associates and friends. This self-help site contains the dos and don'ts of the new brand, as well as the new brand identity tools to help us all get started in our communications after 1st December."

 Sexytary group......M e, N a n y, E l y n a & F i z a
HARUS posing 

Bersemperna rebranding so adalah Jamuan buat staff 
Dance yang menjagakan kami membolot hadiah kemenangan
"voucher TESCO"

Group member dengan hadiah kemenangan
banner group kami " p e j u a n g"
dalam our opis niii yang bersepah

 Our Group lagi.....kardboard yg besaq tuuu haa pasai kitaorg...menang group paling "q u i c k e s t   t e a m" & boss aku menang "m o s t    f u n    i n d i v i d u a l"

 Mr Manan,our department BOSS yang sempoi
kena terjah for short interview

Terus lepas kena terjah tuuu datang sekumpulan dancer group tarik all the department group untuk dance haaaa kelakar 

Boss aku memang selambar
salute to u !!!! boss andenjoy working with you!!

Posing lagi...nii time nak menkedarah hehhhhh....time nak ambil makanan wooooo penat dengar depa dok celoteh tuuuu....
M E , A M Y , A K M A, A Z U N A & Z E T I 

sempatlaa aku merasa

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