Monday, October 7, 2013

My Gal..Montessori at Miri

Alhamdullialh dekat hujung tahun baru aku jumpa montessori yang bersesuaian dengan anak dara niii, itu pon masa pegi beraya umah kawan hubs yang kebetulan dah 4,5 tahun stay di Miri ni yang suggestkan at least dah ada pengalaman so terus esoknya aku paksa laki aku tunjukkan tempat montessori tuuu kat Piasau.

Kalau tengok dari luar nampak buruk jeee....sebabnya mostly rumah kat Miri nii banyak kawasan memang besar and kurang dipelihara but bila masuk dalam....wahhhhh cantik..cantik......heeeee

Tadika Ria Montessori
Area: Piasau Garden
Tel: 085-655 867 (O)
Monthly Fee: RM288 (half day)
Time: 8am to 12 noon (half day) (Monday to Friday)
Meal included: breakfast at 930am (crackers and biscuit will be provided)

Programmes: Motor skills, social skill, potty training, flash card and songs.
Activities included: games, PE, music and celebrations of all Cultural events
Individual reading scheme is as follows:
English reading = 3 times a week
BM reading = 2 times a week (a strong emphasis is given to suku kata before reading books)
Mandarin = 2 times a week (Only for Level 2 and 3 students)

First payment: RM646 + miscellaneous fee depend on level
(The first payment includes Registration fee, December school fee, 1st month school fee and insurance per yr)

Age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

Ratio of the class: 15 students: 2 teachers

Language: So far I only see non-Chinese teachers around. The principal is a Canadian so I believe the common language will be English in this school.

Environment: Fully air-conditioned. The younger groups will be learning in the same area but different corner without any divided rooms. The elder children will study at the first floor instead.

Playground: There are children playground without shade. The playground equipment are mostly old, colors are faded due to being exposed under the sun for years.

Alhamdullilah after a month she never missed the school time unless she was ill, I might consider this school for my princess though till age 6. I believe the children will enjoy a lot in such environment!


  1. can u give me a msg i give u a call regarding the montessories school that your girl attend? Pls...thanks..0168934382

  2. Better u call the school 085-655 867 (O) for details, as my own opinion this school was great. The school was clean and cheerful. And organized also there are only about 10-15 students per class. Each child receives the attention they need....

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