Monday, June 2, 2014

It My Birthday......

It's my birthday

My bliss, My Sweetest. My heart and my soul. l am truly thankful with what ALLAH has blessed me with. Especially when He gave me you. You complete me dear. With you,
l feel whole.

Thank you for inspiring me to be better. Thank you for being my bestfriend. Thank you for loving me. l am the luckiest wife to you as my lovely gentleman for a husband.Thank u for being so wonderful...l love you with all my heart with the blessing of Allah.

p/s: Yaallah sungguh sungguh aku terlupa hari, ingatkan birthday jatuh on Tuesday so beria ria laa aku update blog ngan title contdown..(haaa nampak sangat tak puas puas nak collect gift) heeee..padahal malam aku update tuu pon memang dah jatuh on myday!!...

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