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Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Cot for SALE.....

B  E  R  M  I  N  A  T…..!!!!

 For Sale
It is made of Malaysian solid tropical hardwood. It is designed and manufactured in compliance with the stringent BS EN Standards.
1. Baby Cot;
2. Playpen;
3. Sofa Bed;

Features :-

    4 levels adjustable base
    Non-toxic paint
    Reliable quality safety knob
    Non-toxic teething rails
    Equipped with 4 castors. Two of them with brake.
    Safety distance between the slats in compliance with BS EN Standards
    No finger joints to ensure 100% intact and no unexpected breaking up
    Safety and security systems are compliance to the stringent requirements of BS EN Standards.
    Rounded and softer corners to avoid injuries