Monday, July 11, 2011

Besday Hubby aku................

I'm so lucky to be blessed with a man like you in my life. Work may let me down, but I know that when I come home, you are always there to pull me up. Thank you for being such a sweetheart. I will always love you. 

FB Messages: Hepi..hepi..hepiii besday to Ammin My:
May this lovely day bring in great joy and fun in your life...filled with happiness, cheer and lots of love. We will always be your strong support & always stay by your side to bring you up whenever you are down. . . With love and thanks for everything you do to make the life we share so very happy.
Happy birthday my love

So nanti aku sambung aaaaaa, kebetulan malam tuu sempat lee kitaorg celebrate sekali ngan MIL aku ..kiranya pestime leee MIL ada sambut besday anak kesayangan dia...
Thanks MAK for helping us during our hard time !!!! 
 & Thanks a million for "ANAK" mak niii heheheheh

psst: kitaorg sempat lagi tuu gi terjah PUTRAJYA for PESTA BUNGA..sempat lee tengok bunga api.....
nanti aaaa aku sambung...


  1. Cantik kek :-)

    Happy belated birthday to Incik Ammin ye :-)